About Me

Tamela Johnston


Massage Therapy Instructor

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Fibroblast Skin-Tightening Specialist

Specializing in lymphatic drainage and detox

Tamela Johnston


Integrative Medicine

Personal Training

Quantum Biofeedback

Interactive Brain Repatterning

Attitudinal Healing

Tamela Johnston


Master of Oriental Medicine

Traditional Chinese Herbs

Body Balancing

Holistic Treatments


Holistic Pain Solutions

Our bodies are quite adept at repairing themselves. We use methods that aid that natural ability with modalities like acupuncture, nutrition, laser therapy and physical manipulations, like myofascial release and cupping. 


Medical Nutrition

We believe many illnesses are caused by the toxins in our foods. Avoiding manufactured ingredients and pesticides reduces the harmful substances entering our bodies. Replacing them with cleaner, more organically grown food and natural plant remedies aids the body in healing itself and preventing future disease. 


Personal Training-Structural Balancing

Exercise integrates with holistic medicine as it has been found to treat the whole person you have to move.   Therapy increases flexibility and stamina, improves pain and anxiety and enhances the immune system.